Why Should The Bears Pay Jaylon Johnson $110 Million Dollars?

Is Jaylon Johnson Worth A Huge Contract?

Still 24, Jaylon Johnson was one of the NFL’s top cornerbacks this past season. Having 31 tackles, one forced fumble, four interceptions, and ten pass deflections, according to ESPN. According to Pro Football Focus, he was also the 2nd highest-rated cornerback in the NFL this year. It is expected that Johnson will become a 1st time pro. This drives the value up on Johnson’s next contract. If the Bears decide to move off Fields, they would franchise tag Justin Fields. This led to Jaylon Johnson being able to hit the market and field offers from other teams, only increasing his value. So, what would it cost to keep Jaylon Johnson?

What Would It Cost To Keep Jaylon Johnson?

Many NFL analysts believe that before the season was halfway done and the Bears ended the contract trade with Johnson’s agents, he w, he would be franchised tagged by the Bears before free agency started. Now, if the Bears get a contract done before the free agency window opens, they risk losing Johnson or overpaying to keep him. They will likely trade Justin Fields on the franchise tag to regain some assets because he has trade value. Johnson would also have trade value, just less of Fields due to his position and what he would be asking for. So, for the Bears to get a deal done with Johnson and his agents, it would make sense for a long-term deal—something in the range of 5 years, 110 Million dollars, perhaps even more. Based on the development and how good and young he is, Johnson could easily be a top 5 cornerback in the NFL for the next 4 to 7 years. Not having to pay Justin Fields and drafting a quarterback opens up much cap room for the rest of the roster. So, giving him 22 million a year makes sense for the Bears. However, be surprised if Jaylon Johnson completely resets the market. Five years, $125 million is possible, especially for a team that may have to overpay him if a team like the Raiders offers $23 million annually. 

The Wrap Up

If the Chicago Bears want to keep their best defense together, they need to resign Jaylon Johnson. If they wish to do it efficiently, they need to sign Johnson as soon as possible before they have to make an outrageous offer to keep him. As we already said, the franchise tag is an option, but many would want to get something back for Justin Fields. So make sure to like and follow for more Chicago Bears news and updates. Finally, comment if you think the Bears should pay Jaylon Johnson all this money.

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