BREAKING: The Seattle Seahawks Are Cutting Star Saftey And Wide Receiver Before NFL Free Agency

Who did the Seattle Seahawks decide to cut?

The Seattle Seahawks were reported to have already decided to cut Jamal Adams. This has not happened yet, but expect this to be a post-June 1st cut or perhaps earlier. NFL insider Adam Schefter reported this. The next cut the Seahawks are rumored to be making is Tyler Lockett, according to Tanner Phifer. This would be a post-June 1st cut 100% because it would open up about $17 million in cap space. Tyler Lockett was a 1000-yard receiver for four straight years until this year when he fell slightly below 900 yards receiving this past season. Now, this would be a big blow to the Seahawks fan base, as Tyler Lockett has been one of the most well-liked players on the team over the past decade. However, the Seahawks are the same team that cut hall of fame Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, and countless other great players over the past decade.

What moves will the Seahawks make with more cap space?

The Seattle Seahawks still have a lot of youth on their team at positions like cornerback, outside linebacker, and running back. However, their most significant weakness is to defend the run. With Jamal Adams and Tyler Lockett cuts, they could resign Jordyn Brooks and perhaps Leonard Willams. If the team leaves Leonard Willams, the Giants get the Seahawks 2nd round pick, and if the Seahawks let Willams walk, then the Giants get the Seahawks 3rd round pick. So if the Seahawks wanted to keep their 2nd in the early to mid part of the 2nd round, they could go out and sign guys like DJ Reader, Justin Madibuke, or Sheldon Rankins. All who play on the interior are just as good, if not better than Willams is at this point in his career. To replace Tyler Lockett, the team could sign a guy like Tyler Boyd or draft a receiver in the draft loaded with super high-upside receivers. Finally, with the cut of Jamal Adams, the team would look the same as last year, with Julian Love playing the strong safety position and Quandre Diggs being the free safety. To sum up, the Seahawks could make many moves, and I will keep you updated on them.

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