Kanye West Surprisingly Removes His New Album From Apple Music Just 12 Hours After Its Release

Why Did Kanye West Remove His New Album?

While it is currently unknown why Kanye West removed his new album Vultures 1 with Ty Dollar Sign, fans think they may know why. He initially did not release the album on time. As he is commonly known for doing, he was expected to release the album on the 9th of February. He was reportedly not allowed to because one of the songs on the album sampled Ozzie Osbourne, and he never got permission. That song was taken off the first drop of the album when it appeared on Apple Music early this morning. Many fans who use Spotify were upset that the album had not been put on there yet, as many of his fans only use Spotify and not Apple Music. The album is on Spotify but has been surprisingly taken off of Apple Music. So why could this have happened?

This Is Why He Un-Dropped It

According to Goodasssub on X, Kanye West is the 1st ever person to remove his album from a vast music streaming site only after it had been out for 12 hours. Then, it was released on their biggest competitor at the same hour as he removed it. This leads to a theory that he is doing this to promote his album even more by causing his fans to speak about it all over social media. He has been getting his fans and many media outlets to talk about this album for months. And with it finally being here, this is the new way he has invented to create more and more buzz around his album.

So, Do You Think This Is A Smart Promotion Method?

Let us know if you think Kanye West did this on purpose and is just using the removal of his new album to promote it more. It’s the leading theory, and we will give updates about this specific topic in the future if the album has any more news or controversy around it.

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