Should The Bears Pay Justin Fields $170 Million?

How Much Money Will Justin Fields Cost?

Many Bears fans think that the team has a tone of cap space heading into this offseason, and they should get Justin Fields more help instead of drafting a new quarterback. They need to opt in for Justin Fields’ 5th-year option, which leaves them vulnerable to giving him a huge contract or franchise tagging him. The main thing to consider is that even if the franchise orders him, he does not have to sign it and can make things very hard on the Bears. Over the past few years, we have seen this with multiple quarterbacks, including Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and Daniel Jones. So what are the Bears options?

Option 1 Resign Justin Fields

As stated in the opening paragraph, the Bears did not opt-in on Justin Fields’ 5th-year option. This usually indicates that a team the year before was looking to move off that quarterback. We have seen this with the Browns and Baker Mayfield, along with dozens of other scenarios for 1st round-picked quarterbacks over the past 50 years. However, in recent years, we have seen this happen with a few guys, putting the team in a tricky spot. Most recently, I worked with Daniel Jones and the New York Giants. It led to Daniel Jones getting paid $160 million for four years—a huge contract, but somehow on the lower end for a starting quarterback nowadays. Assuming that Justin Fields’ agents are going off this previous year of starting quarterback signings and depicting Daniel Jones’ stats, they could use that contract as an example to ink Fields a new multi-year deal with the team. Judging that Fields is probably considered better, and the team has good draft picks, asking for a 4-year 170 million dollar contract is possible. It could even be higher than that. The reason for the increase in pay from Daniel Jones’s contract is the cap goes up every year, and he would want to be paid higher than guys like Derk Carr, Daniel Jones, and Kyler Murray.

Option 2 Let Justin Fields Hit The Market

Letting Fields hit the market would allow you to place a unique name on him, the nonexclusive franchise tag. This tag is based on the position’s last five most significant contracts. So, it makes no sense to place this tag on him. The Bears would only do this to let another team negotiate the contract with Fields and then match it. With almost everyone not expecting Fields to make that kind of money, you would have to let him hit the market as an unrestricted free agent. Very risky if you want to keep him. If a team like the Atlanta Falcons saw him as a good fit and were unwilling to trade up in the draft for a quarterback, this is the move they would love to make. Fields is also from Georgia. So it would be beautiful to return to your home state and play for the local team. Whatever Atlanta offers Fields, the Bears would at least have to provide around 10 million more for not showing the respect he probably wanted and to compensate for Illinois’ state taxes. They could be better, and Georgia is much better. Also, the main reason he would take a deal like that to stay a Bear is that the Falcons passed up on him, and being the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears sells lots of jerseys. He has also said he wants to be a Bear for life and win a lot with the Bears. He also has many friends on the team and is familiar with the coaching staff. If the Bears do not retain him, they could look towards the draft and get a guy there. They want to keep Fields because he is the best quarterback they have had in a long time, and it would be hard to tell your fanbase was moving on from a guy who gave his all this season.

The Wrap Up

The Bears have one of the most complex decisions in the league to make this offseason. It’s one of the most challenging decisions to make as a franchise they will probably ever have to make at this point. Caleb Willams is the clear number 1 overall pick, but he has shown he does not want to go to the Bears. Drake Maye is great, but Mitch Trubisky is from the same school, and the Bears do not want to risk that happening again. And then there is Justin Fields, who the fans love, and if they keep him, would give the Bears lots of options with the 1st overall pick. There are many ways to handle this, and we reviewed the most probable 2. Remember, the Bears must resign future all-pro corner Jaylon Johnson, so they must make the cap work and find a way to keep him, too. So make sure to like and follow for more Bears news. And comment on what option you think the Bears should go with.

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