The Seattle Seahawks are Alarmingly Good

Seahawks Massive Trade Breakdown

The Seahawks made a move to acquire Leonard Willams. Willams is an excellent finesse rusher who plays on the interior of the defensive line. In 2020, he had his best year as a pass rusher with 11.5 sacks. So far this year, he has only 1.5 sacks. This may seem low, but he has been one of the most productive interior rushers in the NFL this year in advanced analytics. Making quite the difference in the run game as well. He stays in his gap and flows well with the direction the offense is running. The most significant need for the Seahawks was run stuffers. They ended up getting one who is worth trading a 2nd for.

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Did The Seahawks Get Robbed?

The Seahawks gave up a 2nd round pick and a 5th-round pick for Willams. While this may seem like a lot, the Seahawks only give up a 2nd if they do not resign Willams. It would then become a 3rd round pick the Giants get. There’s a big difference, and the Seahawks would also have a shot at getting a compensation pick that could range from the 3rd to 5th round if they did not resign him. So they could replace one of the picks they gave up and no longer give up a 2nd. Finally, they should resign him for the right price, but if not, let him go and hope your rental pays off.

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