Colts Superstar Shaquille Leonard Not Happy With Team

Why Is Leonard Unhappy?

Leonard has seen less of a role in usage this year. Leaving him quite frustrated with the Team. They currently have a rising star in Zaire Franklin at the linebacker position, along with multiple other linebackers doing a good job. We are still determining what the Colts plan to do with Shaq. Although with him being on a large contract, it is unclear why they would not be using him more.

Could The Colts Trade Leonard?

It would be shocking if the Colts decide to trade Shaq Leonard this offseason. He has become one of the faces of the franchise. Although, with a few injuries over the past couple of years, it may be better to trade him and sign Zair Franklin to a long-term contract. He has been excellent this year. Yet you would still hope, a Colts fan, that both of them could find impactful spots on the team. Both are known to be good, and you see the 49ers and Jets having outstanding linebacking duos. So why can’t the Colts make it work?

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