Should The Fighting Illini Grab SuperStar QB Matthew Sluka?

Who Is Matthew Sluka?

Matthew Sluka is a 6 foot 3 216, pound dual-threat quarterback who can be elite at the Power 5 level. He attended Holly Cross, where he started for three seasons, and red-shirted his first year. Going into his last year of eligibility, Sluka has entered the Transfer Portal and is looking to start at the Power 5 level. He only went to Holly Cross because he wanted to attend a high academic school. Being past a senior and attending Holly Cross for the past four years, he knows his potential and what he can add to a big school.

How Good Was Matthew Sluka At Holly Cross?

Matthew Sluka was amazing at Holly Cross and one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, if not the best, not at the Power 5 level. He would most likely start at a handful of schools in the Big 10. Minnesota checked him out, as did a few more schools in the SEC and Big 12. If an SEC school is looking at adding a guy to be their potential quarterback, then a team like the Fighting Illini, who could use a massive upgrade to their team, could use a guy like Matthew Sluka. According to ESPN, Sluka threw for over 1700 yards and ran through 1200 yards in his last season at Holly Cross. These numbers may not look amazing, but he threw for about 2500 yards and ran for a little more than 1200 yards the season before. You may be wondering why his numbers went down. The reason was that many of his receivers left from the previous year, and the run game was much more effective so that he could throw the ball less.

Why Is Sluka Better Then Altmyer?

According to 247Sports, Luke Altmyer is a 4-star quarterback with lots of potential with his 6 foot 2 frame. According to Sports Illustrated, Matthew Sluka is a 3-star QB who is one of the best dual-threat QBs in the nation. So what separates these two guys, the stars? No stars do not mean anything thing. The people who rank these young guys are always wrong, and Illini fans need to know that if you let Matthew Sluka fall into the hands of another Big 10 team, you will see him light it up while the Fighting Illini continue to fall off a cliff. They have done almost nothing to make their team better in the transfer portal. They lost their star running back, Reggie Love, and added a few offensive and defensive linemen. It’s not enough, and schools like Purdue,  Michigan State, and Indiana are about to rise above them. And Illinois can then stay and live at the bottom of the Big 10 when it comes to football. The truth is the Transfer Portal will be the new way to make a team better. Players will continue to jump into the portal without loyalty to a school. If your team is using the portal, they are staying caught up.

The Wrap Up

Adding a guy like Sluka just a year after adding Altmeyer may seem shallow, but at the end of the day, it’s a part of the issue. Sluka knows how to win, he’s a better, more accurate passer. They are both excellent runners, but Sluka only runs when it’s a designed run or when he needs to open up the passing game. Altmyer needs to improve at deciding when and where to run. He relies on it too much to lead an efficient offense. And when you have a dual-threat QB, you need them to be smart with the ball. That’s why Illinois needs Matthew Sluka.

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