Should Lamar Jackson Win MVP Over Josh Allen?

Why Is This A Debate?

While Lamar Jackson may have the better touchdown-to-interception ratio (24 to 7), according to ESPN, Josh Allen has more yards and touchdowns. Allen’s 27 to 16 touchdown-to-interception ratio is among the worst in the NFL. However, according to PFF, most of his interceptions were due to receivers popping the ball up in the air or having to make a deep throw late in the game that would either win them the game or lose it. So when he has to make a more 50/50 throw, it has a much higher chance of being picked off. The Ravens have the best record in the NFL at 13 and 3 and won the AFC North, while the Bills are 10 and 6, with a chance to beat the Dolphins next week and win the AFC East. So, who should win MVP?

Lamar Jackson's Season Overview

According to ESPN, Lamar Jackson has 3,678 yards, 24 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and a 62.9 QBR. This is with one week left in the season, but it is reported that Lamar Jackson will most likely not play the last game because they have already clinched the 1st seed in the AFC. At the same time, Lamar has had a phenomenal season. It’s not even on par with his previous MVP season. He had over 4300 total yards and 43 total touchdowns. So, does Lamar deserve the MVP? Well, when you look at everyone else across the NFL who is in the MVP conversation up to this point, all of them have lost to the Ravens. Lamar also played his best game of the year against one of the top MVP favorites, Tua Tagovailoa. And the performance was incredible, throwing more touchdowns than completions. That’s correct 5, passing touchdowns. That was out of the MVP conversation because he played terribly against the Ravens and was playing the front-runner of the MVP race. Yet we need to talk about Raven’s defense, headlined by Marlon Humphrey, the best safety in the NFL, Kyle Hamilton, Roquan Smith, and the most underrated defensive tackle Justin Madubuike. Roquan Smith has 151 tackles, Madubuike has 12 sacks, Geno Stone has six interceptions, and the whole defense is playing phenomenal. Is it deserving to give the MVP to a guy who only needs to score about 20 points a game, if not less than 10 in some games? For example, the Jaguars, Seahawks, and Lions scored less than 10 points against the Ravens. Lamar and the offense only needed to score 10 points, if not only 6, in most of those games. And all those teams are 500 or better. So, is Lamar even the most valuable player on his team?

Josh Allen's Season Overview

Josh Allen has had a turnover issue this season, yet should that cause him to fall out of the MVP conversation? In a situation like this, where there is no obvious or insane season one player had, should it come down to who had the best team or the most value brought to the team? Even with Allen not having mind-blowing games of late on the stat sheet, he has been a force rushing the ball and scoring the ball. He is accumulating over 80% of the team’s touchdowns this season, either passing the ball or running it in for a touchdown. This should not go unnoticed, and while we can not compare this season to another one where he was MVP because he has never won one, we can say this has been his most impressive one. The team’s defense has struggled with injuries and aging stars on the back end. They even now have Von Miller, a guy on a six-year 120 million dollar deal, being a healthy scratch and ending his season due to him no longer being good. Matt Milano and Tre White are out for the rest of the season—Guys, perhaps the best players on the defense. And Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde are aging and slower than they once were. So, with the Bills having a 30% chance at making the playoffs and now being a surefire team, should Allen get the credit he deserves?

The Wrap Up

=All summed up now, the edge for the MVP award goes to Lamar, who has more wins this season and a better touchdown to interception ratio. However, is wins and losses a QB stat, as many people have defended Justin Herbert, who has had many losing seasons but is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. So Allen is carrying his team to wins with a broken defense, with not as many wins as the Ravens are worthy of being considered for his MVP chances? So please let us know if Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen should win MVP.

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