Breaking Dalvin Cook Released By The New York Jets

Dalvin Cook Released!

Dalvin Cook has been released, according to Rapsheet. The Jets gave Dalvin Cook a one-year 7 million, 7-million-dollar contract this past offseason with 5.8 million guaranteed. This was free money for Cook, as he only rushed for 214 yards this year, which is awful for the former Viking star. Expect Cook to join a contending team like the Ravens or Dolphins. He was reported to have had interest in the Dolphins earlier last year before going to the Jets to team up with Aaron Rodgers. Now, he can have a shot at making some impact on a team contending for a Super Bowl.

What Team Would He Most Likely Go To?

The team with the best chances of getting to the Super Bowl is the Baltimore Ravens. So expect them to be a famous suitor. He could also wait a few weeks to join a team past the wild card round of the playoffs. Teams like the Ravens and 49ers have a bye week and will not play in the wild-card round of the playoffs. It would make the most sense for the Ravens because they have had two running backs get injured this year. They still have Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, who have been playing well, although adding Cook could be an excellent move if he can bring a new burst to their run game. The Dolphins and Bills could also be options, both playing in the AFC East and would probably want to steal Cook from one another.

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