Should The Bears Sign Baker Mayfield To A $230 Million Dollar Contract?

Why Would The Bears Want To Sign Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield has had one of the best comeback seasons in the NFL in the last twenty years. According to ESPN, she was throwing for 4044 yards, 28 touchdowns, and ten interceptions. Most notably, he and the Buccaneers just beat the breaks off the Philadelphia Eagles. And all around, the Buccaneers have looked like a completely new team ever since Mayfield became the starter. So why should the Chicago Bears want him?

Why Is He A Better Option Then Fields And Willams?

To start, he is a better option than Justin Fields. Fileds is a scrambling loser when it comes to playing in the NFL. He has won no meaningful games, and his stats are always subpar compared to other quarterbacks in the NFL. You would also have to give Fields a large contract or franchise tag him for one year. This would allow you to keep him long-term or trade him for assets. Then, when it comes to Caleb Willams or any other quarterback in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, there is the idea of what if they do not work in Chicago. Caleb Willams already knows he would never want to be a Chicago Bear, so why risk drafting him? Also, Drake Maye is from the same school as Mitch Trubisky, and Bears fans would be terrified to draft the 3rd bust from North Carolina in the past seven years. So why risk it with any of those options? They could trade the 1st overall pick for many more picks and get a guy like Marvin Harrsion Jr or any other player they want in this draft. So why not draft Baker Mayfield?

The Wrap Up

The Chicago Bears have so many unique options for this offseason. Who is to say that Mayfield even makes it to free agency? The Buccaneers need to resign Mike Evans and have little cap space. Could we see him go to a team like the Vikings or Falcons? Or could the Bears make a slam-dunk move and pick up a former 1st overall pick? Make sure to like and follow for more Bears news and updates. Finally, please tell us what you think of Baker Mayfield and what the Bears should do at the quarterback position this offseason.

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