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Who Is The Cowboy's Head Coach Next Season?

Mike McCarthy will be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys next season. According to Rapsheet, McCarthy was only in real job jeopardy if the team got blown out. There was speculation with the loss that the team could go out of their way to fire him. However, if Bill Belichick had not wanted to stay close to the East Coast, the Cowboys could have made a run at one of the greatest coaches of all time. So, what are Cowboys fans saying about this?

Why Did They Not Fire Him?

Mike McCarthy led the team to being AFC East champs this past season, creating a very explosive offense. They had a top-10 offense in the NFL; the main issue was the defense. They are giving up multiple forty-point games to the Seahawks, the Packers, and 49ers this season. All teams in the NFC, while Dann Quinn is somehow in conversations to become a head coach of other NFL teams. Could the Cowboys be better off without Quinn as their defensive coordinator next season? It could be, considering he runs a defense based on being better than the other team’s players. He plays the game where he wants to account for all gaps on the field, almost with no disguise, making it easier for defenses to read them. It worked when the pass rush was booming, but the Bills Exposed their run defense late in the season. They are causing almost every team in the NFL to know how to beat them. This is where the Cowboys must get better, or they will never be genuine Super Bowl contenders.

The Wrap Up

To wrap it up completely, the Cowboys need to make coaching and player changes this season. They must fix the defensive line and hope Treyvon Diggs returns 100%. Daron Bland needs to take a step in the right direction, and they should part ways with Michale Gallup. Let Dann Quinn go and find someone who can discuss their defense and develop defensive linemen who can stop the run. Finally, please tell us what you think the Cowboys should do this offseason and if keeping McCarthy was a good move.

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