BREAKING: The Bears Could Get The 8th Overall Pick For Justin Fields

Why Are The Falcons Wanting Fields?

According to MLFootball, the Chicago Bears could get the 8th overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft from the Atlanta Falcons. This, of course, would be for Justin Fields. The main reason the Falcons would make a trade like this is if they think all three of the top three quarterbacks will be available after they pick at eight. The Falcon’s main reason for wanting to trade the eighth overall pick is to get their hands on what they think their future franchise QB would be. Allowing for the Chicago Bears to then have three top-10 picks. So what moves could the Bears make then?

So What Could The Bears Do With All These Picks?

The Bears could do so much with three picks in the top ten. To start, they draft whichever QB they want, Calbe Willams, Drake Maye, or Jayden Daniels. Then, with the 8th and 9th pick, they could stick there or trade back and acquire more draft capital. Especially with the fact they will not have a 2nd round pick due to the Montez Sweat trade earlier this season. So let them stay at 8 and 9. They could draft a receiver, offensive lineman, or defensive lineman. Most would expect them to draft defensive linemen and a receiver. So they could get Dallas Truner, Jared Verse, or Johnny Newton on the d-line with even more possibilities on that side of the ball. Then it could make sense to take Rome Odunze or Malik Nabers at wideout. There is a small shot, and neither makes it there if the top 3 receivers in the class all get taken before 8. If that were to happen, Joe Alt, or the offensive tackle from Penn State, could be available at 8. Both are extremely good, and it would make sense for the Bears to be one of them or trade the pick for what could be a lot of draft capital. There is so much the Bears could do in the 1st round if they get the 8th overall pick from the Falcons.

The Wrap Up

Even if the Bears do not come away with getting the 8th overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, it still will be a very interesting draft for them. So make sure to like and follow for more Bears news and updates. And make sure to comment about whether you want the Bears to trade Justin Fields.

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