Matt Canada Was Not The Problem For The Steelers

Why Would Someone Think This?

The Steelers were 6 and 4, averaging 16.6 points per game. Since firing Matt Canada, the offense averages 14.2 points per game, and the Steelers are 1 and 3 without him being the playcaller. So, was Matt Canada the problem? 

What Is The Actual Issue With The Offense?

The main issue with the offense is that the Steelers are just a lousy team. The offensive line needs to be gelling together, even with the so-called upgrades they made to it in the offseason. Regarding quarterback play, Kenny Pickett has been evil throughout his entire career as a starter in the NFL. Even with not scoring many points, the offense has looked almost better passing-wise with Mitch Trubisky. Mitch seems able to air the ball out in the game. At the same time, Kenny could not throw a simple slant route. And was even rumored to have been wanted benched by multiple people in the organization. Mike Tomlin did not wish to do that because they had drafted him in the 1st round last year, and if you bench a sophomore QB who you spent high draft capital on, what does that say about the people who picked him? For example, the Steelers had more opportunities to watch Kenny Pickett than any other team in the NFL throughout his college career. The reason is the indoor facilities are so close for Pitt to the Steelers; that’s one of the reasons they were so high on him because they said they had seen him practice all the time. Now they had a bad evaluation of a player.

What Can Fix The Offense?

A complete overhaul is needed for the offense. The only players worth keeping are Jaylen Warren and perhaps Issac Seamulo. Beyond that, every receiver seems that no one wants to play for the team, and Najee Harris is super rough to watch. He is a dimensional running back who does almost nothing in the passing game. He also looks slower this year than he did last year. The only way he should stick with the team past his rookie contract is if he has a Derrick Henry transformation where he develops some more speed and can gain a lot more pure muscle to where he can bully players on the opposing team. If Henry never had done that transformation, he would be out of the league by now. So following that, trade George Pickens to a team like the Chiefs, who would want him; if you get a 1st or a 2nd for him, that’s great. It’s an excellent receiver draft. Then, offer Johnson a contract that he probably will not accept. If you feel a team out there is willing to trade for him, then franchise tag and change him. If there is not one, then let him walk. Also, be ready to sell a Minkah Fitzpatrick and get a 2nd or something for him. The Steelers can get a younger guy in free agency to replace him and draft one of the Clemson linebackers in the 2nd round. They desperately need young, good linebackers. This gets money off your books and lets you get younger and better in a year. The Steelers could trade for Justin Fields or someone who becomes available. Kenny Pickett and Mitch are awful. Also, Bo Nix, Quinn Ewers, and Jayden Daniels could all be good options in the draft.

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