Is Mason Rudolph The Future Of The Steelers?

Why is Mason Rudloph the answer?

In 1 game this year, Mason Rudolph had 293 yards, two touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. This is a game Kenny Pickett would kill to have just because of how bad he has been for the Steelers over the past two years. And we need to ask why Rudolph has not been starting much sooner than this game. Well, it’s simple: Mike Tomlin needs to go. He is no longer good at evaluating talent, as seen by him now just starting his 3rd string QB. How can anyone say it was worth beginning Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky over this guy?

Can Rudolph start next season?

Is there a future where Mason Rudolph is the starter heading into next season? The answer is yes; if the Steelers win the rest of the regular season, they will likely make the playoffs. If he shows improvement from game to game and can manage this offense at an above-average level, the Steelers would have to keep him the starter next season. The only way he does not in that scenario is if the Steelers draft a QB in the 1st round of this upcoming NFL draft. We could see them take their 2nd QB in the 1st round in 3 years. J. J. McCarthy, Bo Nix, and Michael Penix Jr. should all be available to the Steelers in this year’s draft. Can any of these guys become the new franchise QB of the Steelers? The more likely scenario for the Steelers is that he plays mediocre to evil, and they go with Kenny Pickett next season, making him the starter for the 3rd year in a row. Is this a good move for the Steelers? No, it is not a good idea. This would leave the Steelers being average every year in limbo. And at this point, they may as well restart the whole team and trade guys like TJ Watt, Alex Highsmith, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. Then go ahead and fire Mike Tomlin and hire an offensive mind.

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