Will Justin Fields Be A Chicago Bear Next Year?

Should Justin Fields Be The Franchise QB For Chicago?

Unsurprisingly, this is the big question for many Bears fans. The season they ended poorly with a 7 and 10 record. Most importantly, the Packers have now beaten the Bears for ten straight games. And Jordan Love has looked like a future hall of famer against the Bears this season. Replicating a lot of what Aaron Rodgers was able to do with the Packers. Jordan can run better and seems to be able to throw into tighter windows than Rodgers has in the past. He is cementing himself as the franchise QB for the Packers in the future. So how can the Bears get their own Jordan Love?

How Can The Bears Get A Jordan Love?

The draft is the perfect place for the Bears to get their new franchise QB. With the 1st overall pick, the Bears can take the most prolific college QB we have seen in a while with Caleb Willams entering the draft. We could also see the Bears take a guy like Drake Maye, who has been very good at North Carolina and looks like a mix of Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers. It comes down to whichever quarterback the Bears find more sexy when all is said and done, and they make the pick on draft night. However, could the Bears stick with Justin Fields? He could have been better in his four years with the team, but he has shown enough flashes for the team to be interested in him. The sad truth is that if Justin did not have a top-10 QB season, the Bears would not keep him, especially with having the 1st overall pick this year. Fileds has too much wrong to give him another year in Chicago. 

The Wrap Up

Overall, the Bears have some hard decisions to make this offseason, and if they get it all right, they could set this franchise on a bright path. I’ll cover more Bears news this offseason, involving trade news, coaching hires and fires, and draft content, so make sure to like and comment on what you think of the Bears quarterback situation and follow for more Bears news.

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