Should The Bears Sign Baker Mayfield To A $230 Million Dollar Contract?

Why Would The Bears Want To Sign Baker Mayfield? Baker Mayfield has had one of the best comeback seasons in the NFL in the last twenty years. According to ESPN, she was throwing for 4044 yards, 28 touchdowns, and ten interceptions. Most notably, he and the Buccaneers just beat the breaks off the Philadelphia Eagles. […]

BREAKING: The Bears Could Get The 8th Overall Pick For Justin Fields

Why Are The Falcons Wanting Fields? According to MLFootball, the Chicago Bears could get the 8th overall pick in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft from the Atlanta Falcons. This, of course, would be for Justin Fields. The main reason the Falcons would make a trade like this is if they think all three of the […]

Will Justin Fields Be A Chicago Bear Next Year?

Should Justin Fields Be The Franchise QB For Chicago? Unsurprisingly, this is the big question for many Bears fans. The season they ended poorly with a 7 and 10 record. Most importantly, the Packers have now beaten the Bears for ten straight games. And Jordan Love has looked like a future hall of famer against […]

Should The Chicago Bears Trade Justin Fields?

The Simple Answer is Yes, Here’s Why While Fields has improved throughout the season, Bears fans must remember that they wanted him gone earlier this year. Fileds has been nothing but a losing quarterback over the past three years. Even though he has looked promising at times, trading him would be better than keeping him. […]