Saints Almost Traded For Hunter Renfrow

How Close Was This Trade To Happening?

The Saints almost made a move to reunite Derek Carr with Hunter Renfrow. This trade would have most likely been Renfrow for a 5th or 6th-round pick due to the Raiders wanting to move off of his contract. The Raiders ended up making no moves at the Trade Deadline. This led to their Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and General Manager getting fired last night.

Would This Have Been a Good Trade?

It could have been an excellent trade for both sides. Renfrow would have been able to reunite with Carr after a 2-year stint of being disappointing in Las Vegas. And the Raiders would have been able to move off his ugly contract for draft compensation and have more cap space heading into this upcoming offseason. Ultimately, the trade did not fluctuate, but both teams stayed precisely the same. And no one improved or got worse.

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