Jaguars Trade For Ezra Cleveland

Was This A Good Move For The Jaguars?

This may have been the best move from a team we have seen at the Trade Deadline this year. Ezra Cleveland is one of the best young interior guards in the NFL. The main reason he went for as little as a 6th-round pick is that he and the Vikings could not agree on a new contract after his current rookie experiences. Adding him to the Jaguars O line that continues to get better and better. And develop a little bit to with opposite side guard Brandon Scheriff; this seems like the best-case scenario for Jacksonville to finish out their season.

What Were The Vikings Thinking?

Even if you can not agree on a contract before the season ends. Or you just have to make plans to give him a contract. You do not trade a guy like this. The Vikings trade for Joshua Dobbs, who will be stepping in for Kirk Cousins, who recently ruptured his ACL and will miss the rest of the season. Is it worth compromising pocket protection for your new QB, all just for a meaningless 6th-round pick? If you are a Vikings fan reading this, tell me how you feel about this. Because if the Seahawks made a dumb move like this, I would be disgusted.

Trade Wrap Up

The Jaguars clearly won the trade at the end of the day. Unless Ezra Cleveland gets hurt and misses the rest of the season after the first game. Just in no world does this feel like a fair trade for the Vikings. You would at least expect a 4th or 5th-round pick.

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