Broncos Crush Chiefs in Dominant Victory

Mahome's Miserable Performance

Patrick Mahomes went 24 for 38 passing, 241 yards, and 2 interceptions. With this awful performance and lack of a rushing game, the Chiefs lost 9 to 24. The only true positive shown in this game for the offense is that Rashee Rice can be a go-to guy for Patrick. Rashee had 4 catches for 56 yards. He averaged 14 yards a catch. This backs our previous Top 10 Rookie Receivers So Far This Season Rankings. You can read more about that in a past article.

Chiefs Defensive Highlights

The defense for the Chiefs today played well, considering the offense turned over the ball a lot and only scored 3 field goals. George Karlaftis had 2.5 sacks and 4 solo tackles, including 1 for loss. He has come along this year and has been immensely valuable for this young Chief’s defense. Other than him, no one on the Chief’s defense was that dominant, as they gave up 3 passing touchdowns and made Russel Wilson look like his old Seahawks self.

Should the Chiefs make a Trade?

Finally, the Chiefs now have one nasty beat on the year. They have looked great against bad competition like the Chicago Bears, yet have struggled against good teams and division opponents. With guys like Deandre Hopkins looking to be available at the Trade Deadline, do the Chiefs need to hit the panic button and add a valid number-one receiver? And if so, would you be willing to trade draft compensation or a guy like Rashee Rice for him? So you tell me, do you think the Chiefs have any real shot of going far in the playoffs and making it to the Super Bowl?

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