Aaron Rodges To Play In December!

What Did Rodgers Say?

Aaron Rodgers told one of his friends, Derwin James, star safety of the Los Angeles Chargers, that he would be back in a few weeks. This lead to it getting out based on a reporter or staff member hearing this. He later went on to the Pat Macfee show, where he cautioned the audience—saying that he did not expect that statement to get out. And that he was still working his way back from injury.

What Are The Chances He Plays This Year?

Knowing Rodgers and how he has openly shown himself working out with Ravens running back JK Dobbins, there is a good chance, especially with him showing himself throwing the ball around pre-game and having a blast on the sideline hanging with the players. We have never seen a guy come back from this injury in just a few months and play again that same season, but we could be seeing that here with Rodgers.

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