Is Jahymr Gibbs Better Than David Montgomery?

What Has Gibbs Proved?

So far this year, Gibbs has 476 yards, four touchdowns on 90 carries, and 31 catches. Most of these yards come from over the past three games, of which one of the games Montgomery was back. This, along with Gibbs’s high selection, has many fans wondering if he should be the leadback from now on. The same could be said about Montgomery, who signed a 3-year, 18-million-dollar deal to be on the Lions this past offseason. It is fair to say that Montgomery has been excellent this year, too, with him having multiple games with over 100 yards rushing. It comes down to what you value more in a running back. A guy who has a fast burst and can get a lot of yards at once. Or a running back who can pound the ball down the middle of the line and pick up yards over time.

Can They Be The Next Kamara Ingram Duo?

The last time we saw a duo as good as Gibbs and Montgomery was last year’s Lions duo. They were talking about Willams and Swift, who were a perfect duo. Seeing them both pushed away from the team this past offseason was weird. Now, they have a great duo in Gibbs and Montgomery. Is it better than Kamara and Ingram yet? The answer is they have the talent to be just as good, but that duo was so nasty for the Saints. It is shaping up to be the debate NFL  fans may discuss for years.

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