Top 10 Safteys Half-Way Through The 2023-2024 NFL Season

10. Minkah Fitzpatrick

Minkah has been hurt for multiple games this year but is still solid, with 15 catches allowed on 23 targets and 43 tackles. This Steeler’s defense has been excellent but crushed for how bad the offense has been. We can all agree that Minkah is a top safety when healthy and can be a complete safety throughout the rest of the season when he gets back to 100 percent.

9. Justin Simmons

He has been playing much better lately, and last year would be top 3. But he is here for now with 33 tackles and three interceptions and has given up 11 catches on 15 targets. This Bronco’s defense has been good over the last three games, but before that, they looked pitiful, along with Simmons. So that’s why he is at 9.

8. Andre Cisco

Cisco was more dominant than he was last year. However, he has three interceptions, with 28 tackles. The pass coverage has also been excellent for the most part. As he did last season, he will play better when the playoffs get closer. 

7. Talaono Hufanga

This guy remains one of the best draft picks in recent memory for the 49ers. With three picks so far this year and allowing 11 catches on 14 targets. He may be giving up some yards. But being targeted only 14 times in this many games means he is only letting completions when he is playing crossers or down on the line of scrimmage.

6. Jevon Holland

He may be the best defensive back on the Dolphin’s roster. And yeah, I know Ramsey is there, but he currently has the highest PFF grade among any safeties this year with a 90 PFF grade. A big reason for that is him having to be a guy who gets it done in the run and passing game. Currently, with 44 tackles, allowing only 16 catches on 25 targets, he has been pretty good.

5. Geno Stone

You may have heard of this guy by now, based on the sole fact he has six interceptions this year. They only allowed 14 catches on 24 targets. This means this guy picks it off 1 out of 4 times the ball is thrown at him. They are making him a top 5 safety this year. Also, he has 28 tackles, which is not unique, but he is a massive part of why this Ravens’s defense has been so good this year.

4. Dax Hill

While you may not know who Dax Hill is, Bengals fans love him. If you have watched any Bengals games this year, you would understand why he is a top 5 safety. He currently has 44 tackles, two picks, and has allowed 14 catches on 24 targets. This may seem mediocre, but the Bengals put this guy on many stud tighends like Mark Andrews, Noah Fant, and many more, giving them a hard time. They would target him more if he needed to improve.

3. Kyle Hamilton

Hamilton may have been better in pass coverage this year. He has been among the best in the run, with 43 solo tackles. He makes quite the impact there, making him third on this list. While he was not the best in coverage, he has been targeted 38 times and only allowed 23 catches. This is not an alarming statistic, but it would be nice to see him not targeted not as much.

2. Jessie Bates lll

Bates has three picks, with 54 tackles so far this season. Allowing only 14 catches on 23 targets. With a lackluster pass rush that has made guys in the secondary like Aj Terrel look bad, Bates has excelled and has been living up to the large contract he got this past offseason.

1. Antonio Windfield Jr

On just 18 targets this year, Windfield Jr has given up only six catches. While being a force on the back end, racking up 39 tackles with one interception. His stats may not look as good compared to other guys on this list, but PFF gave him an 87.5 defensive grade this season.

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