NBA SuperStar Dejounte Murray Trashes Seahawks QB Geno Smith

Why Is Geno Smith Getting Called Out?

Geno Smith has been utterly awful all season. He plays for a stacked team and looked great last season. In the offseason, he got a massive 3 year, 100 million plus dollar contract. His box score stats do not tell the whole story, as he will throw bad interceptions yet still finish with 2 touchdowns. Although many of those come off short routes that turn into big plays. If he could start reading the field better and take deep shots, this team would be much better.

What Did Murray Say?

Should Murray Trash Geno?

The short answer is yes. Geno threw for 157 yards against the Ravens on 13/28 passes and threw 1 interception. This led the Seahawks to a 37 to 3 defeat against the Ravens. The defense may not have looked great, but this was due to the offense setting them up in the wrong field position. Leading to lots of field goals being scored. So Seahawks fans tell me, should the Seahawks benched Geno Smith for Drew Lock?

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