BREAKING: Chiefs Star Receiver Says Chiefs Are Lying About Him Being Injured

What’s Going On With The Chiefs?

The Chiefs play the Ravens today to see who will attend this year’s Super Bowl. Now Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney is saying that the team is lying by saying he is injured, but not at all. According to ML Football, Kadarius Toney went live on Instagram and ranted about how the Chiefs do not want him to play in the game against the Ravens. So, what could this mean going forward for the two parties?

Why Do The Chiefs Not Want Toney To Play?

Kadarius Toney is one of the best receivers on the Chiefs roster, no matter what anyone says. He is super athletic and can break any defensive back ankles whenever he has the ball in his hands. The issue for him is getting the ball in his hands because he has a drop problem. That problem led them to lose multiple games this year, and with the emergence of Rashee Rice as what looks to be a star for the Chiefs, they may be done with Toney. MVS, Mecole Hardman, and a handful of other guys with much more reliable hands will take his place. Expect the Chiefs to move off him, especially with him still being on his rookie deal. It’s funny because fans across the league widely speculated that he was faking injury at one point for the Giants until they traded him to the Chiefs, and he came out saying he was never hurt. Still, he then went back on his words, saying they were just jokes. It’s most likely to save him from getting in trouble with the league. So it’s safe to say the Chiefs will likely never have Toney play for them again.

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