BREAKING: The 49ers To Bench Star Pass Rusher Chase Young For The Superbowl

Why Would The 49ers Bench Chase Young? The star pass rusher for the 49ers, Chase Young, was a scene taking off multiple plays against the Detroit Lions last week. This caused much outrage from many of the 49ers’ fans and other teams’ fans. While Chase Young is a phenomenal pass rusher, he has been very […]

Top 10 Safteys Half-Way Through The 2023-2024 NFL Season

10. Minkah Fitzpatrick Minkah has been hurt for multiple games this year but is still solid, with 15 catches allowed on 23 targets and 43 tackles. This Steeler’s defense has been excellent but crushed for how bad the offense has been. We can all agree that Minkah is a top safety when healthy and can […]